Using the Map Toolbar

Map Toolbar Diagram

A. Zoom to Max Extent – Zooms out the map as far as possible.

B. Zoom In

C. Zoom Out

D. Previous View – Undo your last map navigation.

E. Next View – Redo the next map navigation (Only available after using the previous view).

F. Toggle Overview Map – Hides or displays the overview map.

G. Refresh Map – Tells the browser to request all the images being used in the map (Useful if an image is somehow corrupted).

H. Pan – The default navigation, allows you to move the map by clicking with the mouse and dragging.

I. Zoom Box – Zooms to a box made by clicking and dragging the mouse. Good to quickly zoom to the level you want.

J. Measure Elevation – Displays the elevation of a point. Data only available for the United States.

K. Measure Distance – Displays the distance of a line.

L. Measure Area – Displays the area of a polygon.

M. Unit Selector – Set the map units to English or Metric.

N. Zoom Selector – Allows you to manually select a zoom level. Also displays the scale of the current zoom level.

O. Country Selector – A convenient selector that allows you to jump to any country.