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Great Maps for Traveling

Do you like to go places no one else has ever gone? Do you like to travel in other countries? We offer over 10,000 maps from around the world with the opportunity to download and even upload maps of your own. With detailed data maps we can help you receive the data that you need.

We offer a list of important information that may be helpful to you such as thousands of data layers with important data for your GPS unit from some of the most accurate GPS data available. You can create your own custom layers and store the maps in the cloud. We also offer printable PDF files and the ability to share your work with map links. See how your maps compared others and use professionally done high-quality PDF maps to determine your next adventure.

Create your own maps!
Our maps have a lot of useful tools to help you design them the way that you need them to be. With our maps being able to link to Google maps, worldwide roadmaps, trail maps, U.S. Census data and USGS data we can guarantee accurate and dependable data. We allow you to draw polygons, lines and points on your maps and add labels and pop-ups to customize them to your needs. You can import .kml, ,kmz and .gpx files easily as well as export PDF files.

Where should I go?
There are a lot of beautiful locations on earth that you can visit and we have most of the mapped. Check out our long list of maps that are accessible to you such as the shipwrecks off the coast of beautiful Honolulu, the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, several volcanoes in South Asia, the entire Australian roadmap, a data map of Grand Canyon, the extensive railroads across Ireland, the unique and beautiful Sendai region of Japan and the complex road structure of upstate New York in the United States. You can see Ipswich in NW, UK long with the GPX Trails from the San Rafael Swell, Duluth Minnesota, Mt. Hurd, BC, Canada and Galveston Texas. We even have access to CIA info maps on North Africa.

When it comes to maps there is no one better trust then Land EZ. With over 10,000 online maps that are customizable to your needs and available anytime, anywhere and any location we can guarantee you always know where you’re at. Try our free sample with five credits and start downloading maps today. You can also start today and have the opportunity upload free maps to be edited and reviewed by other users.