Custom Transportation Maps & More

With over 10,000 maps and data sources, we offer the largest source of online maps and data.

Create custom maps for all your needs, whether you are looking for transportation maps and road plots in another country or you are a journalist writing a piece on crime statistics. 10,000 Maps offers our clients access to thousands of data layers for all your mapping needs. With accurate crime statistics, transportation data, and more at your fingertips in one database, never manually research for statistical map data again. A centralized database that removes the need to manually dig through local records and pay expensive fees for copies are some of the many benefits with 10,000 Maps.

Crime Statistics, Hospital Locations, and More
We offer almost limitless statistical data for your custom transportation maps or any other data map. Our transportation stats are perfect for Freight Brokers and other businesses that rely on timely arrival of vehicles in transit.  Our transportation maps can provide you custom data in a targeted area with just a few clicks of a mouse, and at an extremely low cost. We also have detailed crime statistics on a state-by-statestate and national level.
Not your ordinary road or transportation map
Our custom maps are the perfect resource tool for travelers as well, we offer  online transportation maps that individuals can download and share worldwide. With our unique, user-friendly maps, you can create maps that are specific to your individual unique needs. The unique needs that are created can be shared in classrooms, on the road, and can be imported into GPS data.
The many options of custom transportation maps that are allowed to be created show you the many different transportation accessibilities. You can choose as many transportation ways as you want, many of those we offer for you to create a map of are: highways, airports, railroads, transit stations, etc.. Many of those listed; include average daily traffic that can be in added to the custom transportation map.

Versatile and powerful mapping tool.
The expansive database that we have includes thousands of data layers that can be combined with your own custom layers to create your very own custom transportation map or crime statistics map that can be put into a .pdf files or share your own online world of maps with others.

10,000 Maps provides exceptional delivery methods for all your custom map needs, ensuring that you have a high quality, digital copy of the data that you need to present.  Also, the low cost pricing model of adding layers is favorable to many of our clients as they can afford to create dozens of intriguing maps and provide real world data in areas such as crime statistics and transportation, along with thousands of others.